Heavy engineering industry poses a completely different CAD / CAE challenge due to the massive scale of operation and the sizes involved. Due to the sheer size and weight constraints, the requirements on operational and construction safety are extremely stringent. Also the nature of usage of the equipment under this category itself means that the every challenge is unique and needs a fresh approach and innovative thinking to design and address the problems. Samniyahas a proven track record in this challenging sector and has been involved in projects of national and global repute. Today we are a vendor of choice for large structural engineering problems for organizations like BARC, ECIL, BHEL, DRDO (India) etc. Following is a brief summary of the services offering to this sector

Heavy Engineering CAD Capabilities

  • Design of large structures as per standards and codes like ASME
  • Detailed development of structural design from concepts
  • Design of joints/fabrication process and manufacturing engineering support
  • Preparation of intermediate BOM for procurement
  • Design of jigs/fixture and special working holding devices for large fabrication
  • Assembly sequence animation and CBT's
  • Generation of General Arrangement (GA), fabrication, manufacturing drawings and BOM

Heavy Engineering CAE Capabilities

  • Validation of large structures as per standard code calculations
  • Analysis of large structures for Wind, Snow and Seismic loading conditions
  • Large Fluid Structural analysis
  • Weight reduction and optimization for structures
  • Weld joint analysis
  • Modal, Fatigue and Durability analysis
  • Failure mode analysis and what-if scenarios
  • Static, buckling, non-linear, dynamic, impact, explosive, thermal and other applicable analysis
  • Calculation of safety compliance of structures for codes like ASME, DIN, EN etc
  • Analysis for transportation loads and lifting conditions
  • Analysis for Vacuum and pressure conditions for vacuum and pressure vessels