We are surrounded by technology and devices, it is predicted that devices will out beat human population both in terms of numbers and intelligence very soon. We at Samniya utilise our technology expertise, experience and we partner, to contribute to these endless possibilities and torealise a smarter, safer and greener planet. Our range of IoT offerings include design and development of end points/nodes, gateways and complete solutions to various technology industries. We provide technical consultation to understand your needs and come up with improvement areas; provide you implementation framework and roadmap to build reliable and quality products for your end users.

Our IoT Offerings:

  • Technical Consultation services
  • End points/node, Gateways hardware design and development
  • IoT platform integration services
  • Wired and wireless protocols implementation -LoRa, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE, 5G, 6LoPAN, RF etc
  • Solution Blueprints and Frameworks
  • Application Development and Cloud Integrations
  • Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data encryption and Security services
  • Wearable devices

Web Security

We follow following security recommendations while building a web application.

  • Validate all input parameters: We check every input parameter against a distinct format that specifies which types of input exactly will be allowed.
  • Sanitized application response: All outputs and error codes are tested to ensure that the processing actually occurred as expected. For instance, unnecessary core system information, such as error messages generated by internal server errors during a response, must not be visible on the client side.
  • Avoid keeping sensitive values on client browser:Storing sensitive information in a client browser cookies is not a good practice. If there is a need to store sensitive values in client browser, powerful cryptographic techniques are used to protect the privacy of the data.
  • Session Management:The session ID must be complicated, long and contain random unpredictable numbers. The session ID also be changed repeatedly during a session. It makes the session ID complicated to find.

Types of Web Applications:

E-Commerce Web Application: This type of application development process is more complicated because it must allow electronic payments that can be made from credit cards, PayPal or other payment methods. The developer must also create a management panel for the administrator; that will be used for the listing of new products, update them, delete the entries, maintain product discounts, and to manage applications and payments. Your web application fits on mobile devices the same way as a mobile app does, making it possible to interact with it as if it were a native application.

Enterprise Accounting Application: Larger companies may have enormously complex operations, and enterprise accounting software helps in managing this complexity.

Content Management System: The content should be constantly updated when it comes to web application development so that the installation of a content management system (CMS) is a serious option to consider. The administrator can make use of this CMS to implement changes and updates alone.

These content managers are intuitive and very easy to handle. Some examples of content management systems are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of obtaining data from the existing (legacy) systems, mapping this to the new data requirements of Project and other systems, and importing data to the new system. The data mapping (or the lack there of) will highlight the transformations required as well as the cleansing activities required to ensure the new system(s) is/are populated with current (and not redundant) data.

Development and testing of the migration is an iterative approach and will be performed a number of times during the test cycle. The migration strategy aims to do the following:

  • Reduce the amount of effort required close to, and during, the go-live process (cutover).
  • Ensure that the migration processes at go-live can be done quickly and effectively.
  • Ensure that the data is current at the time of go live.
  • Ensure that all parties are confident with the integrity of the data that is being migrated.
  • Provide users with opportunity to gain confidence and understanding of the data prior to go-live-during CRP!

UNICODE Web Application

The Unicode Standard provides a consistent way of encoding multilingual plain text and brings order to a chaotic state of affairs that has made it difficult to exchange text files internationally. Computer users who deal with multilingual text—business people, linguists, researchers, scientists, and others will find that the Unicode Standard greatly simplifies their work. Mathematicians and technicians, who regularly use mathematical symbols and other technical characters, will also find the Unicode Standard valuable.

  • Text Editors: We can provide content editors in which you can type in any language which is easily accessible without downloading any font file on any system.
  • Saving in Database: Database allows only certain types of data types but we provide solutions to save Unicode text in database and fetch it back in readable form.
  • PDF format: Pdf web application are available online that are not compatible with Unicode text. Our application allows you to save Unicode text in pdf file format.