Rate Gyro Sensor -Unit

Indigenously developed Rate gyro Sensor Module shall be Functional and form fit replacement for any Mechanical Rate gyro’s of Ac Input and AC Output Types. It shall take AC input and provide corresponding AC output with respect the sensed rate. It shall also provide required AC bias and health statussignal. It shall work like AC input and AC output Rate Gyro similar to Mechanical Rate Gyros


Detailed Specification:

Input Voltage AC Input: 26Vrms @ 400Hz and DC input : ±15V
Total power 0.35W Max
Measurement Range ±20°/sec (Factory configurable rates up to ±1000deg/sec or more for other applications)
Bandwidth 8 Hz (Tunable up to 1 KHz)
Sensor Turn On Time 50 mSec
Sensitivity (mVmax AC/deg/sec) 280 (Tunable from 25 to 595)
Module output @ Zero Rate 0.3Vmax AC
Sensing Element MEMS Sensor
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Dimension 52.5 X 19.2 X 25 mm (L X W X H)
Weight Deferent variants ranges form 40 Grams to 180 Grams.

INTERFACES: Input output circular Connector

Input: 115V AC 400 Hz, +/ -15VDC, 26Vrms @ 400 Hz, 26 Vrms Return @ 400 Hz , GND

Output: Rate Output (AC), Health Output.