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With the strong domain expertise across various industries and technologies, We at Samniya cater to  various need of our clients in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Outsourcing.

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Making an Impact Across the Globe

Samniya Techsys is trying to get rid of the shackeles binding the clientellee in these industries. This will introduce Samniya Techsys compelling people to go ahead and explore details about the company.

Our services are personalized deeply for every client driving a successful synnergy.

A Leader In The Industry

Our experts can help you by crafting perfect solutions. Our proven approach and skilled team can tackle every hurdle and make an impactful work.

Our Expertise, 

  • Systems Development Support
  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Custom Embedded Systems
  • Wire Harness Engineering
  • Talent Management
  • Support Services

Global Leader 10 Years In a Row

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Samniya Techsys

We are a leading services company operating in multiple industries delivering happiness to our cients while improving our expertise